Middle Office Record-Keeping and Outsourcing

In this research, we examine how investment management firms support portfolio record-keeping that meets multiple business purposes. We will share insights on the benefits and drawbacks of current approaches and explore new solutions in the market.

As investment management firms’ business models become more complex with emerging instruments, new investment strategies, globalisation and greater regulation, portfolio record-keeping is becoming increasingly difficult. Current operating models must contend with multiple sources of data supplying multiple systems at various times throughout the day. Managers require accurate, timely and complete data to support different business purposes – IBOR, ABOR, PBOR, CBOR are common buzzwords. Record-keeping solutions must deliver quality, fit for purpose data that meets the demands of the business and aligns with the operating platform.

This research focuses on the following areas:

  • Examines how investment management firms support portfolio record-keeping for different purposes (e.g., accounting, investment, trading, client reporting), including operating platforms, data flows, integration layers, and organisational structures of different models.

  • Shares insights and leading practices on the benefits and drawbacks of each model and how they align with corporate profiles.

  • Reviews solutions and services that support portfolio record-keeping (e.g., data warehouses, third party applications, outsourcing services), as well as new solutions or disruptive technology that may solve current challenges and address future requirements.

  • Explores emerging models and future trends on how investment firms may support portfolio record-keeping over the next several years.


A detailed research report on leading practices and operating models for supporting portfolio record-keeping in an investment management firm.

Target Audience

  • Senior staff responsible for investment operations, data management and reporting

  • Senior operations and IT staff responsible for front and back office operating models and costs

  • Firms interested in deepening their knowledge on this topic and exchanging ideas with industry peers