Digital Disruption for Clients: Marketing and Sales

In this research, we examine how digital technology is changing sales and marketing strategies and execution at Investment Management firms. We will also provide examples of available solutions and share case studies of firms leveraging these technologies.

Digital technology is transforming businesses and disrupting entire industries worldwide. Mobile, social media, big data analytics, and cloud technologies offer great promise for modernising sales and marketing at investment firms. Focusing on sales enablement tools and artificial intelligence, we will examine how digital technology can fuel productivity and profitability as well as create competitive advantage for investment firms.

This research focuses on the following areas:

  • Shares insights on the benefits and challenges of adopting digital based methods to enhance sales and marketing practices. Discuss how firms are analysing the effectiveness of their digital strategy.
  • Investigates how digital solutions are affecting organisational structures and how firms are adjusting budget spend if at all, between human and technological resources.
  • Explores industry dynamics and product/fund distribution trends. Share how digital technology is impacting fund distribution in an increasingly complex and competitive global market.
  • Discusses the impact of robo-advice on the investor-client relationship and challenges with satisfying regulations and retaining investors over time.
  • Reviews current and emerging solutions for sales enablement and fine-tuning client communications.


A detailed research report detailing strategies, practices and available digital solutions for enhancing prospect and client facing activities in an investment management firm.

Target Audience

  • Senior staff responsible for sales, marketing, client engagement, and product/fund distribution.
  • Senior operations and IT staff responsible for sales, marketing, and client service operating models and costs.
  • Firms interested in deepening their knowledge on this topic and exchanging ideas with industry peers