Best Execution: Governance and Leading Practices

This research identifies methodologies for developing best execution policies across asset classes and examines leading governance practices for monitoring adherence to policy and measuring results.

This research is a continuation of Investit’s focus on regulatory and market changes that are impacting the front office.


Our research on Best Execution – Governance and Leading Practices focuses on the following goals:

  • Develop execution policies and practices that meet best execution regulatory requirements across jurisdictions.
  • Share leading practices for measuring and monitoring adherence to best execution policies.
  • Identify tools and technologies firms use to facilitate best execution on a pre- and post-trade basis across asset classes.


This research will focus on the following areas:

  • Provide guidelines for creating best execution policies and practices that address various execution factors, such as asset class, market segment, investment strategy and liquidity.
  • Share leading governance practices, organisational structures, roles and responsibilities that support best execution oversight.
  • Evaluate the use of technology for monitoring and measuring