Digital Disruption: The Allure of Blockchain

In this research, we will explore the allure of Blockchain technology, its potential impact on front-middle- and back-office investment processing, and provide guidelines for evaluating whether Blockchain applications are the right technology choice for achieving your business objectives.

This research is a continuation of Investit’s focus on investor engagement.


Our research on digital disruption and the allure of Blockchain technology will focus on the following goals:

  • Provide members with information on industry issues and trends as they relate to Blockchain technology.
  • Provide an overview of considerations, challenges, and risks associated with implementing these technologies.


This research will focus on the following areas:

  • Examine what Blockchain technology is and the different models of Blockchain structures.
  • Investigate current trends and share perspectives concerning Blockchain including which financial service firms are funding this disruption, why, and what they are focusing on.
  • Review the key criteria for determining the efficacy of a Blockchain initiative.
  • Discuss the value proposition of emerging Blockchain communities, applications, and providers that are supporting investment management.