Managed Data Services

This research will explore the growing interest in as well as the impact of managed data services. We will review asset managers’ usage of managed data services as a component of their operating platform strategy and identify innovative services currently available or on the horizon.

This research is a continuation of Investit’s focus on business efficiency.


Our research on managed data services focuses on the following goals:

  • Identify the business drivers and share trends that are fuelling the interest and adoption of managed data services.
  • Share practices and options for supporting managed data services.
  • Provide a framework to identify key issues that could affect your firm’s success in adopting a managed data service.


This research will focus on the following areas:

  • Identify where and in what capacity firms are deploying managed data services.
  • Review whether managed data services make commercial sense by identifying criteria firms use to evaluate the value of managed data services and its contribution to the overall operating platform strategy.
  • Investigate how the growing use of these services will influence the data management function including the technical architecture in the future and the role of managed data services on existing data governance structures.
  • Identify regulatory constraints and concerns with the cloud and outsourced data services.
  • Catalogue available services and key features.