The Changing World of the Front Office

This research explores emerging trends that are reshaping asset management. We examine investor profiles and evolving product strategies to understand the impact on front office operating models and determine best practices for the future.

This research is a continuation of Investit’s focus on the front office.


Our research on “The Changing World of the Front Office” focuses on the following goals:

  • Identify changes in the market that will potentially reshape the landscape of the asset management industry
  • Share current front office operating models and future plans for change
  • Provide insights on how the changing market environment will impact front office operating models
  • Present next steps for evolving front office practices to meet future needs


This research focuses on the following areas:

  • Investigate future trends in asset management regarding an evolving client base and shift in expectations; investment strategies and products required to achieve target investment goals; globalisation and changes in distribution channels; the impact of regulation on costs, fees and industry practices; and new competition in the market.
  • Review current front office structures, including organisational models, staffing and technology infrastructure to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in comparison to potential future requirements.
  • Examine the impact of future trends on the front office to identify target structures and capabilities that will deliver competitive advantage and position asset management firms for future growth in a changing investment landscape.
  • Explore how advances in technology can improve front office capabilities and enable asset management firms to provide investment solutions more efficiently and cost effectively, today and in the future.