Structuring the Investment Risk Function

In this research, we focus on how investment management firms are structuring investment risk functions in their firms. We discuss the role of the function over product and portfolio management life cycles and share best practices on organisation, governance and tools that enable risk teams to balance potential returns with compliance and reporting requirements.

Regulatory Resilience

Investment management firms struggle with delivering operating platforms that can respond to regulatory change quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the business or cost to the firm. Designing flexible platforms that can easily assimilate regulation-driven changes is a monumental task and remains elusive. With the continued pressures of regulatory reform, firms must develop efficient processes for interpreting regulations and assessing the impact of new requirements across the firm. In addition, they require innovative and cost-effective solutions for implementing new capabilities to remain compliant. In this research, we explore different approaches and strategies that investment management firms are adopting to deliver regulatory compliance cost effectively and efficiently.