Investit is a specialist consultant to the investment management industry. Its advanced business analytics enable firms to build more efficient businesses.

Since 1998, Investit has been working with the largest investment management firms to address industry-wide issues. Investit delivers unbiased benchmarking and practical research to empower organisations to make informed strategic decisions.


Meet the Team


Investit has deep experience of the asset management industry. Our team includes a former Head of IT, Fund Manager and Head of Operations from a range of global investment management firms, supported by talented teams with specialist knowledge. Our experience and expertise produces actionable insights, which enable our clients to build more efficient businesses. 


Catherine Doherty,


Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Turton,



Sarah Serohijos,


Business Development Executive

Richard Phillipson,




Sarah Hughes,


Head of Sales and Marketing


Amanda Irwin,


Business Support Coordinator


Emma Haffenden,


Head of Benchmarking

Dave Reynolds,




Thomas McCourtie,


Senior Researcher

What we offer


  • Identify unrewarded complexity and increase profitability
  • Increase operational effectiveness and scalability and compete effectively
  • Understand “value for money” & direct inward investment to get the best return
  • Track MiFID readiness, uncover KPIs driving the firm’s efficiency


  • Gain insights from 70+ independent, informed and in-depth research reports
  • Confidently prepare for shifting market conditions that will impact the firm
  • Stay ahead of emerging market trends and industry best practice
  • Network with 850+ elite industry practitioners at regular forums

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