Meet us at the Wilshire Analytics EMEA Client Conference

Richard Phillipson will be speaking on the topic of “The Art of Asset Allocation in Challenging Markets” at the Wilshire Analytics Client Conference in London on Thursday 4 October. Richard will share thoughts on the performance and risk issues that will be important over the next few years, and outline ways of thinking about drivers of expected returns across asset classes – all within the context of multi-asset portfolio construction and reporting.

He will also share insights about how best to address asset allocation challenges in volatile markets, such as the implied change required in identifying exposures and measuring their impact on risk and return.

The full-day conference for performance and risk managers, focuses on performance and risk analysis set against a backdrop of one of the most challenging market environments in recent history: the euro-zone crisis.  Wilshire will also present product updates and strategic plans for future development, as well as host an interactive user forum to gather critical feedback.

Apart from Richard’s presentation, there will also be sessions on:

  • Portfolio Evaluation’s Nick Kent: “Mitigating Risk & Protecting Performance in Tumultuous Markets”
  • Pushing Boundaries: “Monte Carlo Parameters in Abnormal Markets”
  • Wilshire Analytics Case Study: “Approaches to Assessing Manager Performance”
  • Wilshire Analytics Case Study: “Euro Zone Simulations, Scenarios & Steps to Recovery”

Click here for full agenda on Wilshire’s website and details of how to register.