The Investit Intelligence programme is a network of firms who collectively sponsor unbiased and practical industry research that informs their common objectives – to shape a successful future for their firm and be confident in their decisions.

Our research is designed specifically to inform investment managers of the shifting market and business conditions that will impact their operations, business and IT decisions – and provide them with the cost-effective and efficient solutions to be prepared for the future.

Unlike other memberships, we engage asset owners, investment managers, industry organisations, and solution providers to generate innovation through member-selected practical research.

Join Investit Intelligence and enjoy access to industry-leading research that will inform your perspective, and give you confidence in your decisions as you drive change in your organisation.


Intelligence Research

Focused research on process and productivity improvements across the investment management business. Members receive 6 in-depth studies per year and access to a library of 60+ industry topics.

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Intelligence Events

Our private member community benefits from monthly forums, workshops and networking opportunities, two conferences per year and mid-term research webcasts.

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Join our network

By joining Intelligence, your firm will have access to an elite, highly motivated group of industry practitioners who, like you, are interested in shaping their success and confidently moving forward with well informed decisions.

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“Intelligence provides us with leading industry oversight and best practice consultancy at a fractional cost.”

Old Mutual Asset Managers
“Northern Trust has been a member of Intelligence since 2005, and it continues to provide a good source of practical research as well as a valuable and productive industry forum.”

Head of Global Product & Strategy
Northern Trust Company
“The research generated a number of follow-up conversations, which is always a good sign, and my management team will be using the findings as input for a strategy session.”

Global Client Services Director
Aviva Investors