Intelligence Report: Transparency

labelTransparency is a word that seems to be on everybody’s mind. It seems that someone somewhere is always calling for greater transparency to be provided. We have had the scandal of MPs’ expenses, concerns about bank charges, and reservations expressed about board room pay. These are just some examples of where the word transparency has been widely used recently. It is not surprising then that we have started to use the word widely within the investment management industry.

Research Insights

This research looks at the subject of investment management transparency in an objective and dispassionate way, and transforms a huge and nebulous subject into one that is well defined and manageable.

We have found that:

  • Greater transparency is a force for change that investment management firms need to embrace, not resist.
  • Transparency is not a new requirement; transparency is a new word for old ideas.
  • Delivering transparency must always be in the best interests of the client.

Our research has established a best practice for transparency which presents a new, more coordinated approach to old business processes and deliverables. Investment management firms need to adopt a best practice for transparency as it will deliver tangible benefits in four main areas: sales, client relationships, outsourcing, and systems. It will also help investment management firms and TPAs to avoid issues arising with outsourcing arrangements.

Contact: Jackie Alvarez

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