Intelligence Report: Front Office Systems and e-trading

labelFront office systems replaced basic spreadsheet applications and paper processes and have grown to be a sophisticated support tool for fund managers, dealers and compliance officers. Investment managers now need a system that can support a more structured and standardised investment approach, as well as an increasingly complex and regulated marketplace.

Research Insights

COOs of investment management companies are still investing in front office systems, because many of their original expectations have not yet been met. Changes in regulation, the types of assets that need to be supported and advances in technology mean it’s a never-ending journey. Furthermore, there are innovations in buy-side dealing that are moving in from the sell-side; the report shows how these will impact front office systems and what asset managers need to think about next.

The research then sets out what front office systems were initially expected to deliver and how many of those benefits have actually been realised; we explore what lessons have been learned to make future implementations easier and what lies ahead.

Importantly, the research describes the benefits of a good front office system implementation and gives hands on advice for avoiding the pitfalls.

Contact: Clare Vincent-Silk

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1.0   Introduction
2.0   History and Scene Setting
3.0   Case Studies
4.0   Lessons Learned
5.0   Current Big Things
6.0   Planning for the Future