Intelligence Report: Clients & Distribution Channels in a Changing Landscape

labelThe global financial crisis that developed in Q4 2008 was a seismic event in our industry, of which the aftershocks are still being felt.  It has led many to challenge the strong convictions that have characterised our industry for many years and this is reshaping the landscape of investment management.

The changes to the industry landscape discussed in the research include:

  1. The needs and preferences of individual and institutional investors are changing.
  2. Investors have become less tolerant of risk.
  3. One of the most significant changes taking place is the move from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution pension schemes. In parallel, there is a growing trend for schemes to establish fiduciary management functions, both in-house and via delegation to a third-party.
  4. The growth in the use of platforms means that they will emerge as one of the most important distribution channels for individual and institutional investors.

These trends are not short-term phenomena; they are long-term trends that will re-shape the landscape of our industry.

Research Insights

The study provides investment managers with an action-plan for the four main areas in which the investment management value proposition will need to be  adapted to see improvements:

  • The business model
  • Business management
  • Investment services
  • Re-engineering distribution

Contact: Jackie Alvarez

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