Intelligence Report: Client Reporting

labelClient reporting is key to the service provided by investment managers to their institutional clients. Client reports have evolved from basic statements of the valuation of a fund, into detailed accounts of the fund’s performance and complex explanations of the factors which resulted in that performance.

There are typically three components:

  1. Accounting Packs – detailed valuation statements;
  2. Investment Reviews – information about the performance of the fund and the investment decisions taken by the portfolio manager;
  3. Trustee Reviews – similar to Investment Reviews but containing a broader range of information; produced on an ad hoc basis for a formal meeting of the pension fund trustees.

There are key differences between all three in the way they are used by clients and in their production challenges. To really understand how to deliver significant improvement to the client reporting process, this research investigates each of these individually.

Research Insights

Investit found that clients want more reports, tighter timescales for delivery and improved accuracy. And while managers are looking to scale report production through standardisation, this is likely to be resisted by clients and their advisors who value reports customised to their individual needs.

The research gives asset managers practical recommendations on how to meet demand for better client reports, and looks in detail at the vendor systems which can deliver improvements.

Contact: Jackie Alvarez

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