We work exclusively within the investment management industry – with investment managers, service providers, custodians, vendors and trade bodies. Our clients include retail funds and segregated account managers, hedge fund managers, in-house schemes and sovereign wealth funds, private wealth managers, real estate and private equity firms. Here is what some have to say about us:

“We asked Investit to help us optimise the positioning of one of our new fund launches. Both from an investment process and marketing messaging perspective, their input and recommendations were incisive and clear, and have resulted in a more focused and effective solution to our investors’ needs.”

Andrew Bell, Head of Distribution, Kames Capital

“Investit was engaged to help us identify the key infrastructure requirements to support our five-year growth plans. The report that Investit presented to the board was highly credible, clearly and crisply presented, and engaging.”

George Mortimer, Chief Operating Officer, Aon Hewitt

“Investit were important in shaping our approach to Data Governance in late 2012. Through a series of multi-disciplinary workshops they were able to help us develop a clear understanding of how data governance should be structured and operated within our global data management framework.”

Siobhan Doyle, COO Fixed Income, Schroder Investment Management

“Exhibiting at the Investit Intelligence Conference in March allowed us to foster closer ties with executive-level contacts at prospective and actual clients, and to open meaningful and potentially on-going discussions with new contacts.”

Rob Styles, EMEA Sales, GoldenSource Corporation

“We appointed Investit to help us understand the market positioning of an important investment capability for American Century. The Investit team succinctly crafted the issues for consideration and provided a framework of research which, in turn, led to a set of clear recommendations. Investit’s combination of academic rigour and market insight gave us confidence in the final implementation. The Investit team were a pleasure to work with; and a team I would hope to work with again in future.”

Peter Brackett, Vice President, American Century Investments

“I was involved in selecting Investit for two separate projects at Janus Capital. In both projects we were impressed by the practical approach that Investit took. It is clear that the people working on our projects enhanced their deep understanding of the industry with the ability to provide actionable insights. At the end of both projects we were absolutely clear on what our next steps should be to address the identified issues.”

Courtney Waterman, Senior Director, Marketing, Janus Capital

“There are lots of companies providing research into the investment industry, but many of these lack original thinking or insight and are often a means to get access to provide other services such as consultancy. The Investit Intelligence service is the only industry specific research service that I am aware of that focuses on the business issues set by the membership and consistently provides quality thought-provoking research, both in terms of the conference presentations and the written output. The level of senior peer attendance and the quality of discussion at the Intelligence conference sessions indicate that this is a broadly held view.”

Philip Keeler, Director of Operations & IT, Hermes Fund Managers

“The ‘Enriching the Client Experience’ research is interesting and thought-provoking, and the team enjoyed the presentation delivered by Investit. It generated a number of follow-up conversations, which is always a good sign, and my management team will be using the findings as input for a strategy session.”

Mark Buckley, Global Client Services Director, Aviva Investors

“Eagle commissioned Investit for a study in an effort to strengthen our solutions to best handle some European directives and to provide valuable insights for opportunities in the European market. We selected Investit based on its talent and expertise in the European financial market and for its highly respected reputation. The end result proved to be very helpful and confirmed our own findings, but also highlighted some areas of improvement that we hadn’t uncovered in our own research. Working with Investit was a pleasure and we hope to work with them again in the near future.”

Jeremy Skaling, Head of Product Management, Eagle Investment Systems

“NAM needed to fast track the selection of a fixed income performance, attribution and risk system. Investit’s specialist domain knowledge and experience enabled us to rapidly identify the key requirements for front office, performance measurement, investment marketing and client service. Investit were able to provide market knowledge on available products and succinctly summarise each product’s capabilities, allowing NAM to rapidly shortlist suppliers to engage in a formal selection process. Analysis and interpretation of RFP responses, facilitation of product workshops and subsequent internal stakeholder reviews proved a valuable asset and enabled us to make an informed final decision. We would be pleased to work with Investit again.”

Paul Aspland, Managing Director, Head of Information Technology, Nomura Asset Management

“We asked Investit to work for us on a business analysis project, because of their specialist knowledge of the asset management business and our perception that this would enable them to understand and empathise with our people. Our decision was fully vindicated – they delivered what we asked of them, on time and within budget, and the ideas they developed with our managers were key to formulating our strategy. We would certainly use them again.”

David Woods, co-CEO, Rasmala Investment Bank

“We asked Richard Phillipson of Investit MENA to chair our 2010 Dubai conference on The Future of Regional Capital Markets. Before the event Investit contributed to our editorial thinking and on the day shared their subject matter expertise by moderating two panels. Richard brought out the best in the speakers and made sure the views from the floor were heard and discussed. Client feedback was very strong on the event and clients have expressed an interest to see the event back in the region again. Global Investor/ISF a division of Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc would be delighted to work with Investit again.”

Jonathan Hodder, Publisher, Global Investor/ISF

“As a very substantial, but until recently purely domestically focused Japanese Asset Manager, we had a complex and possibly unique brief for Investit – help us articulate what we do well in Japan in such a way that sophisticated international investors will believe in us too. This required tact, diplomacy and cultural sensitivity combined with an ability to probe deep into the heart of our firm to discover how it works and then help us explain it clearly in English. The grace and style with which Investit’s Investment team conduct themselves soon captured our imagination and trust. We wanted to learn from them and we all wanted to participate in their project. They are a beacon of professionalism and we see them as an influential and important resource.”

Christopher Renwick (Director, Head of Sales and Marketing) and Kuniyuki Sugihara (Manager, Global Relations Group). Chuo Mitsui Trust International Limited

“You genuinely feel that you’re in good hands with Investit. The team are very friendly whilst conducting their business with candidates in a very professional and courteous manner. In the market their intelligent, no-nonsense approach and reputation for not wasting clients’ time means that when being interviewed for a potential role you have the advantage that the client already knows you are a top flight candidate well matched to the brief. On the day-to-day side of things, I can only say that I have received a consistently flawless administrative service with regard to contracts, payment and renewal negotiation during the years I have worked with Investit. This is where the rest of the investment management recruitment industry should be setting its sights.”

Mark Simpson, Contractor

“The Investit Conference was extremely well organised and managed, and the Investit team were highly supportive. The conference exceeded our expectations and we would be happy to exhibit at an Investit conference in the future.”

Michelle Ord, Scott Logic

“I wish to thank Investit very much for its wisdom based on an in-depth knowledge of investment consultants and institutional investors. The project really did provide many ideas both to the investment team and the RFP analysts, and the input had helped to improve our propositions. Investit’s contribution was highly appreciated by everyone at BNPPAM.”

Brigitte Lo Iacono, Head of RFPs, BNP Paribas Asset Management

“Investit provided very valuable help to us when we recently reviewed our standard RFP and product presentations.”

Al Denholm, Head of Equities, ING Investment Management

“Intelligence provides us with leading industry oversight and best practice consultancy at a fractional cost. It is the last thing I would cut from my consultancy budget.”

Paul Nathan, COO, Old Mutual Global Investors

“Northern Trust have been members of Intelligence since 2005, and it continues to provide a good source of practical research as well as a valuable and productive industry forum. The strong and participative nature keeps the topics relevant and representative of market opinion – a very useful tool for many functions across Northern Trust.”

Mark Schoen, Head of Global Product and Strategy, Northern Trust Company

“Investit are specialists in our business, and they are experienced practitioners. This means that their research and their advice is focused, practical and cost effective. But just as importantly, they are always a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Nathan, Chief Operations Officer, Old Mutual Global Investors

“We awarded Investit the ‘Consulting Firm of the Year 2008′ because the firm has quickly established a reputation for incisive analysis in technical areas, notably through their IT Value Service and Intelligence Member service. Still relatively small, but highly responsive and well respected, the organisation is staffed by multi-lingual practitioners rooted in the industry, and is breaking new ground in regions like the Middle East, offering holistic, innovative solutions. The Editor felt that Investit have demonstrated outstanding awareness of market trends and of client needs, providing trusted specialist advice and leadership in the sector.”

Caroline Allen , Editor, Global Investor

“Investit have a deeper understanding of the investment management industry in the GCC than many of their peers. Their guide to the investment industry in the GCC is a must for anyone contemplating setting up an office in the region.”

Tarek Chouman, Managing Director, Asia and Middle East, eFront

“Investit have been members of the Middle East Association since February 2008. Their commitment to the Gulf region dates back to 2003 and they have demonstrated that they are both knowledgeable and passionate about providing first class business consultancy to investment managers both in London and the Gulf region. They have taken time to get to know key players in the region and understand the business culture, something that many other consultants fail to do.”

Michael Thomas, Director General, The Middle East Association

“I want to thank Investit for your precise and extremely useful comments and directions in the communication work you have done with us.”

Søren Høyer, Senior Portfolio Advisor, BankInvest

“We have worked with Investit and benefited from the strength of their offering. A key reason we selected them was that their consultants are ex-practitioners and they understand the global investment community. Importantly, they bring a perspective that incorporates all the issues from the front end through to the back end”.

Paul Rogan, Chief Financial Officer, Challenger Financial Services Group

“We are delighted to be working with Investit and we know that the rest of the domestic investment management community will benefit from the specialist expertise that Investit offer especially given the increasing competitiveness of the market.”

Steve Parkinson, Director of Operations, ING Investment Management

“We were very happy with Investit’s management of the engagement and were especially pleased that the consultants were much more involved than we had anticipated. Investit’s active involvement was particularly valuable in facilitating the workshops.”

Patti Eyers, Chief Operating Officer, PI Investment Management

“We asked Investit to see if they could find a package to meet our very specific requirements – and much to our surprise, they did! We have now bought the package and it is up and working and delivering exactly the sort of business benefit that we were looking for. It was a short, focused assignment and delivered exactly what we hoped.”

Matthew Oakeley, Head of Group IT, Schroder Investment Management

“We found the Investit input to be very valuable and it helped to focus our thinking substantially.”

Paul Price, Head of Institutional Business, Pioneer Investments

“We felt that Investit did excellent work for us. We felt that the work provided was professional and insightful and we were delighted with the quality of the consultancy provided.”

Mark Pearce, Director, Standard and Poor’s

“Investit’s MiFID Toolkit produced a detailed gap analysis efficiently and thoroughly. It identified and described the projects that we need to put in place to become MiFID compliant and will give me outline budget and resource requirements to include in my other project plans. I am really pleased that Newton has been able to get ahead of the game on MiFID so quickly and painlessly.”

Andrew Downs, Chief Operations Officer, Newton Investment Management

“We appointed Investit to help us develop our investment approach and the way we explained our process to demanding intermediaries. Investit quickly saw through to the areas to strengthen. We made the recommended changes and had better intermediary meetings with almost immediate effect.”

Jeremy Lodwick, Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

“Investit added value by concentrating on the core task they were asked to undertake, without trying to feather their own nest. The result was a project delivered on time and within the specified budget – which in itself is a first. We had our eyes opened by the whole process: Investit were instrumental in helping us evaluate all the options available to us and recommending the best way forward.”

Nigel Warner, Director, Head of Investment Operations & Information Technology, Dresdner RCM Global Investors

“The beauty of the benchmarking study is that it was done from a business process standpoint, not a systems one. That’s the great thing about having investment management specialists, because they understand the business side of things and how IT supports that. It’s an important distinction, but not one that many consultancies understand properly.”

Andy Veitch, IT Director, Legal & General Investment Management

“Investit successfully combines experience and logic to produce meaningful perspective. They have a powerful ability to break down complex rhetoric, allowing proper evaluation of the substance of both process and message, before, of course, providing direction on their reconstruction. No stone remains unturned, and potential clients should know that any challenge thrown their way will rapidly become an (often overdue) challenge thrown back at their business. The sort of challenge that leads to real progress”

John Humpish, Global Head of Marketing, Deutsche Asset Management